Vehicle level simulations

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics now quite commonly used as a method of assisting or informing the design process of a wide range of products and widely utilized across many industries.

A full vehicle level model for reducing drag in aero dynamics application for commercial vehicle, passenger car, motor bike, etc can be performed.

More complex aero thermal simulations to optimize air flow over heat exchanger or to investigate thermal issue under the hood can be performed.

Vehicle Cooling air flow

Vehicle Cooling air flow and underhood thermal simulation:- To predict the air flow around the heat exchangers and to size the heat exchangers for required application can be investigated. The complex CFD model is fully interactive with 1D cooling system and further optimization excises can be carried. The model can predict underhood component temperature at critical load and ambient conditions.

Our predicted simulation results has been correlated to climatic wind tunnel results and we are confident in our methods or approach.

HVAC system

Investigation of air flow in a automotive heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is carried out. A detailed invitation can be carried on the performance of the HVAC system to optimize defroster, demist mode and passenger comfort mode.

In the passenger comfort model a detailed thermal simulation including solar load can be performed.

The uniform air flow at the outlet duct faces and distribution between different duct outlets with minimum pressure drop in HVAC system can be investigated.

A detailed HVAC blower blade simulation and design study can be performed to improve the efficiency of the blower.

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