Powertrain analysis

  • CAE Design approach to optimise intake and exhaust system in a IC engine. We use both steady state and transient analysis to develop and optimise combustion chamber which includes piston geometry and port.
  • Engine water jacket can be optimized using CAE tools such as CFD simulation.

Steady state port flow analysis / Intake and exhaust system

Steady state port flow CFD analysis with flow test bench correlation can be carried out for both spark ignition and compression ignition engine.

We have more than decay experience in port design and development which is proven both on test cell and on race track.

We have designed ports for range extender engines for fuel economy, turbo charged engines, super charged engines, and for V engines.

In-Cylinder Transient analysis

  • To understanding the flow behavior during initial port design and flow behaviour in a two, four valve cylinder head design can be carried out by using 3D CFD tool. CD-Adapco Star-CD, Expert System Internal Combustion Engine (es-ice) CAE design tool is used to evaluate cylinder head design on curtain flow area, swirl and tumble during transient conditions.
  • Fuel injection simulation for port injection, GDI engine, diesel engine and for new concept research engine applications can be carried out.

Cooling water jacket analysis

We have a wide experience in the cooling system design form single cylinder, three, four, V6, V8 engines.

CFD cooling water jacket analysis can be performed to improve cooling performance of the water jacket and also reduce pressure loss.

We do conduct analysis for battery cooling system to optimise the battery thermal management system.

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